2014 Report List

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Keyhole Farm frequently provided updates from its "experiment" center, where new ideas were tested, crops were monitored, and a variety of crop types were assessed. These listings link to those actual reports. Click on the date of listings to go to that post.

02/14 — Mini Keyholes Offered!

04/14 — The Season Has Started

05/14 — Mini-Keyhole Kitchen Gardens Monitored

05/14 — Keyholes Developing Like Crazy!

05/14 — Growth By Leaps & Bounds!

06/14 — Sunflowers Say 'Hello!'

08/14 — Tomatoes, Pumpkins, and Peppers

09/14 — Our Keyholes Featured In Paris, France!

11/14 — Super Fall Gardens Ramp Up To Yuletide